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Hi, I am Johnny. A Swedish Freelance Photo & Videographer now residing in warm sunny southern Spain.

I think that the Passion for Racing and Motorsport is something you have inside you, maybe you just haven’t discovered it yet. For me I just discovered my passion a few years ago, and since then pursued it as much as possible.

After some time I decided to put some of my ideas and work online so other can see the events, just like I see it.
This website may not be your ordinary news and facts info place as many other, I like to put a personal twist to both my images and videos here.
I would be happy if you would follow me into areas and events from various track around the world. Go beyond the race and see what the track and people have to offer for you as a fan and spectator.

You will also be able to purchase your favorite images direct from the website to use for your personal website or blog, and ofcourse you can get license to publish images too.

I hope you enjoy your visit here, and if you have any questions or suggestions … I will look forward to hear from you,.



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