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Ring Knutstorp

Best friends in close Battle on Ring Knutstorp

Best friends in close Battle on Ring Knutstorp

Magnus Ramsö is a very successful Entrepreneur in Sweden with his Consulting company, but there is always an opening in the Schedule when its racing time.
This weekend the Swedish Sports Car Meeting will take place in Southern Sweden, in a quiet little town just outside Helsingborg. But not so quiet this weekend.

Magnus Ramsoe in Ring Knutstorp, with the Reynard 873 Formula Slicks car from 1987

I meet Magnus Ramsö in the Paddock at ring Knutstorp. along with his friend Anders each have their car ready to go in the garage tent they have built for this weekend.

During the test races in the day the 2 cars caught my attention and I figured it would be a perfect time to stop and talk to Magnus about his car.
I can hear the excitement from them before I even get close to the Garage, discussing how they both experienced the race in 2 very different ways. Magnus and Anders agree to have a talk and show more of the cars and the Garage.


Magnus happily explains as he brings out his very, I mean very thick folder with facts, Instructions, Specs and pictures of the car’s history, and it is clear to see he is proud of his car. And who wouldn’t, this is a car with history. Something you may not believe at first sight, it really looks that new.

Magnus owns and drives the Reynard 873 from 1987, The car was originally built and used as a development car for Adrian Reynard in the UK. 1987 was a very good year for Reynard who won the British Formula 3 Championship with Johnny Herbert as Pilot
Adrian Reynard who actually was a driver in Formula 2 class, but later moved on to develop his own cars, and later also sold cars in own development.



A strange but interesting fact is that Reynard always won the first race with every new car they started in a race, Formula 3, Formel 3000 and IndyCar. All won in the first race.
He was also a bit involved in Formula 1, but unfortunately that did not bring Reynard to the Podium.
The Reynard 873 has been putting down lots of miles on the Silverstone track in England where the tests were made when Adrian Reynard owned it, along with a lot of experiments on the car to achieve better and better results. However, it has not run in a race at Silverstone

In 1989 the car came to Sweden via Sven Frindelius, the owner of Scandinavian Racing School, and that same year Peter Rydell from Jönköping’s Karting Club (JKC) became the world champion in the C-Class, Also called Shifter  Go-kart -88.
This means of course everything must be in top shape and work perfectly, and it’s clear to see, Magnus car is in absolute mint condition.

Peter Rydell then started to drive the Reynard 873 in 1989 for Frindelius, who then entered the B class and came in second place. The difference between A and B The class is the age of the cars and thus also capacity and strength.

At the time the car was driving in England it was equipped with an Alpha engine, but on arrival to Sweden a new Spiess engine was installed, when Peter Rydell was driving.
The same engine type that is fitted I the car now, The following years several other drivers took over on a ”Extra” basis all up until 90-91 as Formula 3 when it ended up at Bohlin Racing, which converted it to Formula 4 Spec and used it as a Racing School Car

Magnus Ramsoe in Ring Knutstorp, with the Reynard 873 Formula Slicks car from 1987

Then Olle Johnsson bought the car, gave it a complete overhaul and re-installed it’s original Formula 3 engine which is the car’s original engine. Lot’s of engine changes, but nowise back to its original engine and specs.
Bror Jaktlund Engines was involved in this process and prepped the engine to achieve the best possible results.

Finally as faith would have it the Reynard 873 came in the path of Magnus in 2017. He ended up in this sport because of his good friend Anders
In the period 1995–2005 they drove Endurance together but after 2005 there was a long break for Magnus until 2011. I would imagine after a short time the need to get back on the track was too much to handle for Magnus, so when he turned 50 he gave himself a Formula car training class Formula License, it was a simple decision for Magnus to choose Bohlin Racing.

On the way home from the course came one of these life-changing conversations, in the form of Anders who wondered how he liked it. Magnus was very excited and Anders was quick. “Then you should buy one and start driving with”
Things you easily say and Magnus did not think much more about it, until a few days later when Anders called again and told him that he had found a car in Stockholm up for sale.


The car? Yes, it was the Reynard 873. The very same car we are looking a today.
Since that phone call, Magnus and Anders have been a “Team” when they travel around Sweden at motorsport events and they have since then run a number of races, and this weekend I will keep an extra lookout for Magnus and his Reynard 873 at Ring Knutstorp
In 2019, 5 races are planned for both Magnus and Anders who run for RHK (Racer History Club)

Today the car is painted and striped in exactly the same style as it was when Peter Rydell drove it -89, Magnus says that most parts of the car are still original from the time when Reynard had it, some wear and tear parts have of course been replaced. but the larger main parts are still original.


About the weekend at Knutstorp:

Knutstorp was definitely not trouble-free
I haven’t recovered yet from the disappointment of how the race ended Sunday.
Friday’s test races in dry didn’t feel good, I struggled all the time to get better grip on both front and rear, but it seemed like everyone had the same issue.
Saturday’s qualification was in the wet, which I usually enjoy better than most others, except possibly Sonny who is amazing on wet tracks.
Best in the qualifying was Sonny, I came in second and Anders in third, i had trouble because the engine chocked every time I came back on throttle out of a turn, difficult to master when it’s slippery and without full power.
I spun twice in the wet but I guess I have to be happy with the result after all


On Sunday it was dry and I started in the second row and got a decent start but already lost in the first turn to Anders and could not keep Otterberg behind me later in the stint. The engine ran better but it was still a big problem to find  grip and a hard time getting into the gear when downshifting.

About me and Anders:
The cars are similar but with a slightly different character, Anders car with the Alpha engine is stronger on the revs, and my Spiess has better low torc. Anders is a fast and experienced driver, but we tend to be fairly even, The outcome is often the strul that determines who is at the front. Before Knutstorp I was ahead of him in the overall position but now I have dropped in position again.

It is interesting that you mention friendship as a factor in the competition because it probably affects me a little bit anyway. I’m probably not as tough on blocking if Anders tries to get past me and also treat him to the success he gets, but in the end it is an individual sport and I prioritize myself first. In the overtaking that Anders did on me, I couldn’t have done anything different regardless of who was lying next to me. The engine was chopping on the low lap and with the bad bracket I had, I couldn’t swing in tighter, “a sitting duck” you could say.


The Reynard 873 facts

The car weighs 455kg and according to Spiess data the engine delivers 160hp, but Magnus knows that Jaktlund talked about 170hp.
Electronic injection with a restrictor of 24 mm in the air intake which means it cannot deliver more power
The engine volume can be a maximum of 2 liters, the Spiess engine is relatively long stroke with very good low torch, but after 5800rpm it evens out.

Rear Stabilizers are adjustable from cockpit, front must be adjusted before the stint. Transmission is Hewland type with five forward + reverse.
Differential lock on the rear axle, and 13 “with maximum width 11.5”, wheels.

When it comes to fuel, Magnus trust Bror Jaktlund’s recommendation and fuels with Aspen’s 102-octane gasoline. At Knutstorp the stints are very short with the 10 min + 1 lap, so it only uses about 6-7 liters per stint

Magnus goes on to say that RHK wants them to drive on Avon’s A037 slicks, which is a relatively hard tire that’s required when doing Historic Racing International.
Both Anders and I have chosen to drive on these tires, in terms of rain tires it’s free for competitors to choose suitable tires themselves. But here they have also chosen to follow Avon’s recommendations.


The maximum permissible width according to the 1987 regulations was 1850 mm, with a height of 20 mm at the front and 45 mm in the rear.
Magnus points out an important detail that his car has a carbon fiber monocoque, which Reynard already introduced, but Anders Ralt car which is from 1988 has aluminum honey comb.
Top speed at Knutstorp, which is a relatively slow track, will probably not be more than 200 km/h at the end of the straight, he says, But at Anderstorp we will reach around 240 km/h.




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