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Emerson Fittipaldi

Emerson Fittipaldi

The Race Legend with sideburns that would make Elvis jealous.

On a very sunny and warn March morning in Florida I had the incredible honor to be invited to shoot with the Legendary Emerson Fittipaldi for a Commercial photoshoot

The classic in front shot when he pulls down the visor getting ready to Race
Being just infront of the car in this shot is so cool, you can feel the tension and adrenalin, just seconds before he takes on the track.


A Legend and his life, holding the helmet when walking to the car to get out on track


On track, I am sitting just o the edge of the track and he passes at speed just inches from me.
When wee talked about this shot i told him I would be at this spot and “Please try not to hit me”
Emersons cool reply was simple.. “As long as I don’t loose speed”


Chasing the “Russian Arm” around the track when they shoot really close up of Fittipaldi in the car around the track.
This Porsche had a fixed boom arm on top, the thing is, such an arm Is very heavy and the Porsche had serious problem in the turns to keep the speed up. And Fittipaldi had to slow down to keep distance..


Thank you Emerson Fittipaldi and thank you Fountain Life for giving me this amazing experience
Something I will never forget


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