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Ferrari 488 GT3 Spirit of Race

Ferrari 488 GT3 Spirit of Race

The racing team Spirit of Race in Daytona Florida for the Daytona 24 Rolex endurance race.
In this race i had the chance to follow the stunning beautiful Ferrari 488 GT3 both in the garage and in the Pit during the race.

Welcome to Daytona International Speedway

It’s raceday and the 66th race of Daytona Rolex 24 are just about to get started.
The #51 Ferrari 488 GT3 pulling out of the garage to take its place on pitlane before race start.
Everything on the car is it top shape, clean, fresh and looking great on as she is rolling out from the garage.


Rolex 24 at Daytona is the legendary famous race in Florida that attracts the world elite in motorsports.
The race is arranged by IMSA with the main sponsor Rolex, that means the winners will all receive their very own Rolex Daytona watch when entering the prize podium.
Now thats a nice gift.


While the cars are setteling in for the evening and night driving hours, the sun is going down in Daytona, all lights on the track and cars are all litt up and its a very pretty sight to see all the cars on track att night.
But that don’t mean the fans are gone for the night, on the inside track area there are 100’s if not 1000’s of Campers, RV’s, Mobilehomes staying overnight to get the true Daytona experience.


Here the 51 Spirit of Race are shooting round the turns on the 31 degree banked curves.



Going through the Horseshoe turn we get a close look at the car at night, The beautiful Ferrari 488 GT3 driven by Daniel Serra, Paul Dalla Lana and Pedro Lamy in the GTD class


But this is racing and anything can happen at anytime, and it always happens when you least expect it, and least want it.
About 6 hours into the race the sky opens up and heave thick rain hits the track, and within just a few minutes the track is soaked.
The decision is an easy one and is quickly taken, get the car in and put on rain tires.
Taking a chance and hoping the rain is just a short shower is too great.
Spirit of Race Team is quickly ready at the barrier when the car approaches the Pit.


#51 has not even come to a complete stop before Joackim and his team mates are jumping over the barrier and get to work.
Its like a well orchestered symphony were everbody knows exactly what to do, and how to do it. everything is so well syncronized and timed.
As a bystander watching this pitstop you cant but admire how its possible to change all tires, refuel and make adjustments in just a few seconds.
But for Joackim and the team its a well rehearsed routine.


Pitstop is completed and car is ready to go back on track, a final gesture with the driver and the door is closed.
Back on track and into the race.


After a successful Pitstop with tire change and refuel the Mechanic Joackim Haguet observes the car intensly as it pulls out on track and back in the race.


Early morning with the race is in its 18th hour and Spirit of Race is still running well and fast, the morning sun is a welcome sight for the drivers.
But unfortunately around 4 hours before the checkered flag the car rammed the sidewall and was to damaged to go back out again.
They had a great run in a great race, but thats racing. One moment you are on top and the next the race is over.
Thanks to Joackim Haguet and the Spirit of Race team to let me visit during the race.


IMSA Racing in Daytona for the Daytona 24Rolex race.

The Ferrari 488 GT3 race car is powered by a twin-turbo, 3.9L, V8 engine that produces over 550 horsepower.

Raced in multiple series around the world including the IMSA Weathertech Series, Blancpain GT and Endurance and Pirelli World Challenge.
This classic mid-engine car from Ferrari is known for incredibly well balanced handling, superb brakes and raw power – nothing else sounds quite like a Ferrari V8 engine at full throttle.


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