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Ring Knutstorp

Lucky Eddies Cab in Knutstorp

Lucky Eddies Cab in Knutstorp

Just outside Helsingborg in the small town of Knutstorp, Normally a very quiet and peaceful town, But not this weekend when the town and surrounding area is turned into a major racing event.


On this rainy afternoon the test races are going at full pace, the teams get a chance to setup and prepare the cars as much as possible on these test races, before qualifying.
May sound like a easy part, but the weather this year is not er forgiving and the drivers are faced with strong sun and minutes later heavy rain, and back to sunny again. Slicks ? Or maybe rain tires ?


One car that really caught my attention was the super cool Camaro “Lucky Eddies Cab Co #01” When this come around the turn over the hill it looks so aggressive as it turns into the straight away at  full speed.
I love this car, so cool and the colors can be seen from far on the track. This Chevrolet Camaro is racing in a class called “Modsport I,II & III, and as the name implies the class is for modified sports cars, originally built for public roads.
Cars that over the time has been rebuilt and modified so much they are no longer permitted to be registered for regular road traffic.


In this class there is a lots of room for creativity and let the car customization spirit run wild, Many of these cars have over the years been created and modified by its owners to fit their personal taste and dreams.
A big advantage in this class is that you can start out with a car in the lower Class III and try out your ideas, re-build, tune and modify as much as you want until the car will fit into the higher classes I & II.


This is a relatively cheap, easy and fast way to develop your racing interest and car, and clearly a very popular class to race in. Without a doubt a really exciting race to watch as a spectator.
The Modsport are devided into 3 classes. Class 1: 2,2-3,19 Kg/Hk Class 2: 3,0-4,99 Kg/Hk Class 3: 5,0-Up





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