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Meeting the World Champion Fernando Alonso

Meeting the World Champion Fernando Alonso

Sometimes things don’t go as planed, I was hoping to get into the track area in Le Mans were they Monday morning have the traditional drivers photography session.

Drivers from all teams pose for their annual photo session in the heart of the track, Just by the Finnish line. A very popular and visited event by all media present on the track.

Well for me the session ended before it even started, I had forgotten the yellow wristband i needed to join the others for this Kodak moment inside, so I was politely ( I think ) in French told to get out of there and go somewhere else.
Nothing much to argue about, so I hit the Pit Lane and thought I might see some interesting things now when all was still in the beginning stage of the week.

Wandering about and not thinking of much i turned around and there was the World Champion walking towards me, even a movie director could not have planed this better.
He had no way to go besides straight at me to get onto the track via the very very small alley. Nuff Said.. phone fully charged and ready to shoot I called out in Spanish…
“Hola Senior Alonso, por favor dos secundas conmigo para una Selfie ? ”

The Spanish instantly grabbed his attention and the reply was simple…
“Claro, pero solo en Español” and while walking i got a selfie with the world famous Champion Fernando Alonso.

Pretty good start on a Monday morning, on a day that turned out to be a fantastic day in Le Mans. You never know who you will run into on this track.
It’s not everyday you run into a famous World Champion, Thank you Fernando, see you again in Daytona 🙂


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