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Nerea Marti age 17 and Spanish Female F4 Champion

Nerea Marti age 17 and Spanish Female F4 Champion

It’s the first time on the Track Circuit De Barcelona in Spain, I meet with the young lady driver Nerea Marti from Valencia.

It’s the Racing weekend in Barcelona and full of race action, F4, F3, GT Touring car racing is scheduled from early morning to late afternoon for 4 whole days.


There were no set plans, Teams or Pilots to follow this weekend, so I decided like I normally do. I select a car that catch my attention and go with that.
This turned out to be Nereas car #27, and not until later in the Pit I found out this was the young lady that just had qualified to advance into the F3 series in 2020.


When I speak with Nerea between races she tells me her very first time in racing at only 9 years old was in Karting, and have since then had full focus on pursuing a racing career. Through the years in Karting and slowly but surely advancing and improving she is now the Spanish Female F4 Champion.


Nerea quickly showed an unusual talent when driving the Karts, and for every day she went out on track she picked up more experience and really mastered both the car and track, It would take until Nerea was 12 years old before her father accepted the offer for having her drive for the Valencian Community Championship.
Ofcourse Nerea didn’t start from scratch, her hard work and practice experience from Karting really paid of when she started racing.


Nerea Marti and her Team mates rolling the car back to the Box after Post race technical inspection completed.


At the age of 14 and only 2 years with racing in Provinsional races she signed a 3 year contract with the prestigious team
Praga Spain Motorsport.

From this point in Nerea’s career Praga Spain Motorsport will bring out the full potential of Nerea at the highest level of


Already at the age of  17 and having made history being the first woman to win the 2017 Karting Championship of the Valencian Community JUNIOR and SENIOR 2018 Nerea renews her contract in March 2019 with Praga Spain Motorsport to continue their training in formulas.
At the same time the news of her participation in  the 2019 F4 SPANISH championship


The Season winner of the Female Spanish F4 Championship in Barcelona. At only 17 years old I am sure we will see lots more of the very talented Pilot Nerea Marti of Praga Karting based in Valencia, Spain


Here Nerea approaching the end of Pit straight att full speed into turn one.

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