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Ring Knutstorp

Rock’n Roll, American Diner and Racing

Rock’n Roll, American Diner and Racing

50’s diner, Elvis yelling don’t be cruel on the speaker system, Chevrolet stepside pickup truck in the parking lot, and the unmistakably mouth watering smell charcoal grilled burgers, The roar of the 15 race cars storming down the straightaway. Top if of with a Chef in denim shirt and redneck cowboy hat.
I must’ve gone to heaven


(At the outdoor monster barrel grill, Fredrik and his friend “Dr Mike” feels right at home)

Well, not quite I only went to Ring Knutstorp racetrack in southern Sweden, normally a quiet little town on the countryside just outside Helsingborg. But this weekend turning into a big family fest of racing, food and lots of fun for the entire family.
The very first person i meet after entering the gate is me Fredrik who is the Owner/Chef of Lucy’s diner in here in Ring Knutstorp.


(Nick makes sure you get all you can possibly ask for in Lucy’s Diner)

A strong personality and great feeling for service, but what hits me most is his incredible character that fits right in with the Lucy’s Diner concept
Instantly I know that I need to talk to Fredrik a little bit later that weekend, he and and his crew in Lucy’s diner plays a big role on the entire track this weekend

He is the owner of Lucy’s Diner on 2 locations together with a friend, he is the restaurant part and his friend takes care of the administration.
I meeting Fredrik in the Ring Knutstorp restaurant, and the other is located just of the highway between Helsingborg and Malmö, in the small town Löddeköping.


The concept is simple, Great service, food and a genuine freindly atmosphere that will make you feel right at home the moment you walk in the door.
And with the crew he have by his side and his genuine care about the customers makes them come back over and over again. The motto is a happy crew generates happy customers.


(Chloe works the bar and register during this years race)

Fredrik starts out to tell me about how he got into the Lucy’s diner concept, of course the American diner style is the inspiration of this. And after spending time in America he explains that he instantly fell for the style, atmosphere, mentality and in general friendly atmosphere that you will find in such a diner in the US


(Happy customers in the mainrestaurant)

And amazingly enough Fredrik has managed to implement the same feeling in atmosphere in the small town in southern Sweden, now you may think that just opening your 50s diner would be enough as a concept.
But you would be wrong, Fredrik goes on and tells about the times he went with his friend to the US for a barbecue contest in Texas.

(Can you smell it ?, American BBQ Style burgers)

They packed their bags with all the homemade spices, utilities and whatever they could fit and the bags on the plane and went to Texas to join this barbecue contest.
Now keep in mind we are talking about little Sweden here and barbecuing is something we do private in the backyard, but in the US it’s done in a totally different manner.


( Dr Mike at the Barrel grills )

Where talking trailers Mobile Grill, Monster charcoal barrels with utilities and accessories that you will need is semi to haul, but that didn’t scare off Fredrik and his friend Dr Mike who showed up with a suitcase, and ready to go to battle with a total of 189 contestants. That’s a pretty big deal for two Swedish guy.


On the racetrack Ring Knutstorp in Southern Sweden yiou will find Lucy’s Diner.

( The happy crew at Lucy’s Diner )

And the results speak for itself, they ended up in rank 87 out of 189
Not bad at all, and the concept of outdoor barbecue restaurant was born for Fredrik and his friend.


( Fredrik in the officiel Burger van driving the Paddock )

So if you ever visit Sweden for a race on Ring Knutstorp, Be sure to visit Fredrik for a great meal and a warm welcome.

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