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Sebring International Raceway

Sebring International Raceway

Sebring International Raceway was originally a US Army Airfield I the 1940’s

After the 2nd World War its was used as a private airfield, and later on in 1952 turned into a race field and used for the First Sebring 12 Hours race.

Racing has been active on this track since then and Sebring host lots of various races year around, such as Sebring 12 Hour, Sebring Dragrace and many many more events.
When you visit the Sebring track today and you get to walk on the track.. If you Walk on the Straight you are actually walking on the remains of the originally Army Landing strip.
This is why the Sebring race is one of the toughest and most challenging tracks, its so rugged and uneven that the tires and cars takes a serious beating every time they pass that part of the track.

But, that’s what racing is all about..


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