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Swedish Sportscar Meeting 2021

Swedish Sportscar Meeting 2021

We are now in the summer of 2021 and after a really long and difficult year with the COVID-19 pandemic.
But finally have gotten some really good news

The Swedish Sportscar Meeting 2021 will finally be held on July 2 – 4 in the small town Knutstorp in southern Sweden
There will of course be a spectator limit of 200 in total, but the race will be as hard as ever and 2 weeks before the race there are 215 Teams registered for this event, and  have 2 weeks before the race 215 registered drivers competing in various groups

Swedish Sportscar Meeting 2021 is a sports car and racing society in southern Sweden that every year have a new racing event going on blah blah blah blah blah


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